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passion and meaning

By nature, art invokes emotion as it is a crucial part of the artist’s creative process. Through meticulous selection, our in-house Art Consultants strive to develop a comprehensive artwork package that can bring meaning to any environment. We believe artwork can heal, encourage, uplift, calm, and inspire; we respect the proven psychological effects art has on observers and highlight its importance in all that we do.

Our Art Team selects and procures artwork according to the goal and vision of each individual project. We work in concert with our clients to determine a budget and create an overall vision for their artwork master plan. Our Art Consultants pull from an extensive portfolio of fine artists and artwork resources to deliver an art package strategically selected for each space. We also have a number of professional working artists at Spellman Brady & Company that can design and deliver custom commissions. Together, we are “SBC Art Studio”.

Check out examples of the art we’ve featured in our projects below!

our artwork

our team’s portfolio

We want to spotlight our talented team’s past portfolio. Their creations and curatorial work spreads inspiration to all.

    If you are interested in having us consider your work for our clients, we'd love to hear from you.

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