Michelle Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton

314.862.0070 X 106

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Miami University

Master of Fine Arts
Washington University in St. Louis


Employee Spotlight:
Latest book read – City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert
Favorite movie line – “220, 221, whatever it takes.” – Jack Butler in Mr. Mom
Favorite podcast or blog – This American Life or Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us
First concert attended – Ike and Tina Turner
First job – Pet shop
Name one thing on your desk – Picture of my grandma and I having a margarita
Best vacation spot visited – Venice/Murano
If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy – Refurbished 1973 Ford Bronco or 1970 Land Rover
Three words to describe you – Loyal, self-reliant & unexpected
What is your favorite part about working at SBC – It’s never dull & you know you are loved!

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